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Final exams are over in one week and then I'm done for the rest of the year. I seriously can't wait, since I have a lot of things to do (aka new stuff on fansites).

And instead of doing my revisions, I'm making graphics. Totally logical. I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD (© Samantha Newly).

[01-06] Veronica Mars
[07-13] Greek
[14-14] The OC
[15-25] Gossip Girl
[26-29] Step Up
[30-33] Step Up 2


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It's been a while since the last time I made graphics but I was really busy with college and stuff so. I didn't make that many icons but I hope you'll enjoy the few ones below! =)

[01-05] Gossip Girl / Blake Lively
[06-32] Skins
[33-65] Veronica Mars
[36-38] The OC
[39-40] Michelle Williams


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16 February 2008 @ 06:30 pm
I finally got some free times this week and started to make new icons. Hope you'll like them! =)

And three things: Skins is love, I really miss Veronica Mars these days and FNL needs to have a third season. Or I'll kick Ben Silverman's ass.

[01-12] Skins
[13-19] Friday Night Lights
[20-27] Gossip Girl
[28-32] Veronica Mars
[33-37] Kristen Bell
[38-38] Jim Sturgess
[39-40] The Office
[41-44] John Krasinski
[45-46] Doctor Who


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21 January 2008 @ 08:53 pm
All my exams are finally over, so I got some times to relax and do whatever I wanted. I felt in a creative mood today and made a few icons. =D

And Friday Night Lights is made of win. Seriously.

[01-20] Friday Night Lights
[21-25] Gossip Girl
[26-33] Greek
[34-40] Skins
[41-46] Veronica Mars


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10 January 2008 @ 10:12 pm
First New Year post. I was supposed to make a picspam of last week's Friday Night Lights episode ('cause it was awesome, you all know that) but I kinda felt lazy tonight to find the good captures, the right moments, etc...
So, instead, I made new icons. Some are kinda old, some others not, but I hope you'll enjoy them! =D

Oh and BTW, if you don't already do it, you guys need to watch Greek. Because this show is way too funny and, mmmmh, one word: CAPPIE. Teehee.

[01-12] Gossip Girl
[13-23] Greek + Scott Michael Foster
[24-26] Willa Holland
[27-30] Olivia Wilde
[31-33] Chuck + Zachary Levi
[34-40] Skins + Cast
[41-45] Friday Night Lights
[46-49] Shiri Appleby
[50-53] Majandra Delfino


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New batch of icons. I wanted to make more, especially some Serena/Dan and a few with Adrianne Palicki, but I didn't manage to do what I wanted. Anyway, enjoy the ones below! =D

[01-04] Minka Kelly / Aimee Teegarden
[05-26] Gossip Girl
[27-38] Kristen Bell



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The idea of this post appeared in my mind a few days ago when I discovered an old photoshoot of Chace Crawford. I didn't resist and made a picspam of it, because I had to. Not that I am a fan of the guy, not at all. But [info]minip is. Well, at least, she loves his body, his face, his hair, everything he has that is physical.

So here is the situation. A picspam to let the world know how hot Chace can be.

(Please, Chace fans, do not take this seriously. I just wanted to make a funny post mostly to tease one of my friends. If you like the guy, I totally respect it. But this photoshoot was way too ridiculous not to make fun of him ^^).
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05 December 2007 @ 10:58 am
First time I'm posting on livejournal. I'm still trying to figure out how this whole thing works (I spent at least one hour to understand what was a userpic - yes, you can call me stupid -_-+), but thanks to my BFF 27_seconds, I finally did it! WOOOT, GO ME.

For this entry, I'm just gonna share some icons I made but maybe I'll post some TV shows reviews from time to time.

[01-35] Gossip Girl (possible spoilers for episode 1x10)
[36-55] Friday Night Lights



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