Everyone says... you just gotta let it go.

1 June
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Et de soleil d'hiver
Kat. 20-year-old French student. the US and the 1960s own her soul.
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Isn't it love?
Actors: Kyle Gallner, Zach Gilford, Andrew Garfield, Joseph Dempsie, Emilio Estevez, Ben Foster, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben McKenzie, Michael J. Fox, Joshua Jackson, Gaius Charles, Scott Porter, Josh Stewart, Guillaume Canet, Channing Tatum.
Actresses: Tina Majorino, Christina Ricci, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Winslet, Connie Britton, Majandra Delfino, Mena Suvari, Michelle Williams, Rose Byrne, Marion Cotillard.
TV Shows: (past) Veronica Mars, Skins (seasons 1 & 2), Life, The OC, Third Watch, That 70's Show, Roswell, The Class, Generation Kill, Malcolm, Everwood, Friends. (present) Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, 10 Things I Hate About You, Chuck, Southland, Greek, Cold Case.
Movies: Pride & Prejudice (2005 version), Dirty Dancing, Donnie Darko, Boy A, The Breakfast Club, The Mighty Ducks, The Faculty, Back to the Future trilogy.
Music: Yellowcard, Saez, Explosions in the Sky, Young Love, Michelle Branch, Jack Johnson, Tété, Sigur Ros, Kaolin, The Veronicas, Tegan and Sara, Something Corporate, Flipsyde, Sarah Slean, Old 97's, Jean Racine, Boyce Avenue, IAMX.

Ce qu'il reste de nous
Final Fantasy freak. American football addict. Guitar player.
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Kat Marine